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Visit to the Darling Harbour

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Dec 24th was the last working day at Sydney. It was also the day I decided to take the new Sony Cybershot H50 to work. And the best part was that it was also decided that we would walk across the Pyrmont Bridge to go to the other side of the Darling Harbour. In spite of it being just a ten minute walk from office, I had shied away from taking that walk during normal office days, as I was afraid (and on hindsight, rightly so) that I won’t return back in less than an hour and a half as it is a very beautiful walk and there are lots of eye-catching sights on the way.

It was a half day for us and so we had the whole of the afternoon to us to explore the area surrounding the office. The unfortunate part was that it was one of those real cloudy days, and that took a bit away from the enjoyment (and the beauty of the pix). But the grey sky has a beauty of its own, though a bit bleak and a bit sad, as if mother nature is crying or is upset.

On this side of the Darling Harbour is the Citi area – the downtown area spanning the Sussex, Kent, Clarence, York, George, Pitt, Castlereagh streets in one direction, and the King, Market, Druitt, Liverpool and Goulburn streets on the other (and they intersect each other to form a grid in the map). Darling Park (the office building) is situated on the Sussex Street, right on the intersection with the Market Street. This side of the Harbour also houses the Sydney Aquarium — another place that was off the radar for as long as 90 days — and that was just a five minute walk from office! On the other side (clearly visible from our office and the most photographed place by me while at Sydney) is the Sydney Convention Centre, the National Maritime Museum, the Pyrmont Bay and the Harbourside Shopping Centre housing multiple food courts, shops and more importantly (for me that day) – KingPin Bowling!

I spend the morning doing some work, and then around noon time got serious with taking snaps in and around the office. Post lunch, we decided to spend some time doing some light shopping. I used the time to order the 50 free prints that was offered by Teds (that came with the camera purchase). Why miss out on something that is both good and free?

Karthick, a colleague at the Sydney office, offered to take us to a game of bowling at the KingPin bowling that evening, and we lapped up the offer. The free prints at Ted took some time coming, and so by around 5pm I started the walk from Pitt street towards Kingping bowling, and in the process crossing the Pyrmont Bridge for the first and the last time. It is a huge and beautiful bridge, more than 100 years old, and an Australian Engineering Landmark. As the citation embedded on the bridge says “…the approach span represented the highest level of development of the Timber Truss..”. It is a sight on its own to behold, and the view from the bridge to either side is also awesome.

After spending quite some time soaking in the beauty of the sights on offer and merrily snapping away, I reached the other side of the bridge, and slowly walked towards the edge of the Cockle Bay Wharf. I reached the front of the Sydney Convention Centre and saw one of the biggest Christmas trees I would get to see in my life, and also saw the monument erected to commemorate the Olympics held at Sydney in 2000. I also saw this beautiful mini pool of water that had a circular walkway immersed in water, that was quite an attraction for adults and children alike. People had thronged the the Harbourside Shopping Centre and all the restaurants were having a great business that evening.

Finally I reached the Kingpin Bowling. Karthick and his friends and Sridhar were already into the first game. I waited a bit to get introduced to his friends and to get an offer to try my hand, and snatched turns from others to enjoy a few turns at bowling. Bowling turned out to be nowhere near as dumb as I thought it was (a view reinforced by watching on TV on Christmas Day highlights of some event involving Europe and the Americas where some really serious skills was on display). I left after an hour or so (was feeling hungry and had to purchase rice for that night and the next day – the Christmas Day — when no shop or local restaurants would be open).

Thus ended the last working day Sydney. As always, here is the link to the pix. The Sydney series will end with a post about a rather busy Boxing Day when I got to visit the Aquarium and the Bondi beach (and hopefully some great pix).


Written by Proto

January 3, 2009 at 16:31 hrs

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