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Visit to The Rocks

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The last three weeks my legendary laziness got the better of me and so managed to stay put in the hotel room for most part of the weekend. This was made easier by the rather wetty weather that was prevalent during the last few weeks. So, today since it was for a change a pure sunny day, it dawned upon me that I have only three weeks left in Sydney and so decided to get rid of the lethargy and go out in the sun. It was time to visit The Rocks. Plus, today was the last day of the famed Moonlight Festival, part of the November Fest, at the Rocks.

The Rocks is the area to the left of the Circular Quay (to the right is the Opera House) and you have to pass the Rocks to reach the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the Quay. The Rocks expands to the region that is right under the Harbour Bridge and so we were able to take a look from close quarters at the architectural marvel that is the Harbour Bridge.

Here is the link to the pix from the last four weeks, in the reverse chronological order:

At the Rocks

Week 8


Week6 [month end party at work]

Thanks for reading and checking out the pix. Have a great week ahead.


Written by Proto

November 30, 2008 at 17:03 hrs

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