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The Harishs at Chennai

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The Harishs were in Chennai to spend 12 hours in the searing heat as they were getting bored of the Bangalore weather. Ok, I change that. The Harishs were in Chennai to visit Vidya’s grandmother, who wanted to see the kiddie. They came home in the evening, after spending the day with her relatives.

Ramesh and Raghu also came to meet Nano and the Harishs and to be with us for the dinner. Subru was the surprise package. He had informed no one that he is coming down to Chennai. This weekend Preethi’s parents are also here and so in all it turned out to be a memorable evening for all of us.

Nano (Vivek Krishnan) has grown up since I saw him last, and he was busy trying to learn how to turn around and lie on his stomach, though he couldn’t quite get his right hand out of the way. We all took turns to spend some quality time with him, though he kept going back to Vidya.

Preethi prepared yummy Pulav and Raitha for dinner and Harish had picked up a tin of Rasgullas. The best part of the evening was Subru joining us at the dinner table. I think this was the first time he had said no to eat something, anything!

We also witnessed the kick off of Euro 2008. I would love to see the mighty Germans win their first match at the Euro since 1996, and then go on to win the coveted Cup. But let us see whether someone again manages to refuse them the title.

I also used the occassion to fire up Preethi’s k550i and here is a collection of pix from the evening. Be warned though that the pix are a bit grainy thanks to k550i being not a very great camera phone, especially in the absence of very strong light.

Harish was returning by the 1130 train in the evening and since Raghu offered to drop them, Ramesh and myself managed to join the gang to see them off at the station.

On the way back we took the beautiful Beach Road (you were so right, Raghu. Vidhya and Harish would have loved the view and the well maintained road instead of the usual Royapettah route), and since Ramesh and Raghu were discussing about Dhoni’s new Chennai flat (though Dhoni himself has refused it as rumour), I took them inside MRC Nagar so that they could see the flat from outside. Not too sure whether they were impressed or not with what they saw.

Thus ended a wonderful day for all of us, and looking forward to the next meeting of RiceBowl Avenue kids, though when it is gonna happen, I don’t know now.


Written by Proto

June 8, 2008 at 14:35 hrs

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