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Bangalore trip and baby Harish

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We had been to Bangalore over the weekend to meet Harish and his as-yet-unnamed baby. Ramesh had the honour of vising Harish’s a week back, and it was our turn now — me, Preethi, Mahesh and Subru.

We had a great time in Bangalore, though Mahesh (Jakku) could join us only by Saturday night, thanks to Saturday being a working day for him. We met Harish’s baby twice over the two days, on the first day with Subru, and on the second with Jakku.

On Saturday, we had been to the Metro (some real great discounted shopping at the expense of 4 hours and leg pain induced by walking across the sprawling complex), the Iskcon Temple, and of course our good old Adda (to savour yummy Butter Naan and Kaju Masala). This was the first time Preethi was eating their, and she too loved Jakkamma’s Kaju Masala.

On Sunday, we managed to get up really late, leave home late, spend some quality time with the baby again, and meet the good old owner Mami at our ex-Cambridge Layout rented house. After eating an awesome late lunch, we went to the Brand Factory — a nice concept shop where you get branded items at good discounted price throughout the year (Chennai can do with a few of these).

The only regret has been the inability to meet Beeba, Syam and their kid, plus their new home. If you are reading this Beeba, am sorry for not turning up at your place.

Summing up, it was a great trip, and being back in Bangalore with the gang of friends after a gap of an year (longest break in the last 7 years) made it doubly special. To Ramesh and Apple, we did miss you more than once. Hopefully, we would meet again soon for Jakku’s wedding in April.

Lots of pix from the trip here, thanks to SE Cybershot k550i. Low resolution videos from the trip to be posted soon.


Written by Proto

February 29, 2008 at 04:55 hrs

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  1. That was really a good and memorable one. Thanks a lot to Payar (Suresh), Preethi & Padam(Mahesh) for coming to Bangalore to cherish the sweet memoirs of Bangalore. We should meet like this atleast once or twice in a year. Hope HE creates occassions for these wonderful meetings.

    In two of the photos, you have mentioned that Mahesh is looking at his new Nokia Nseries phone, Buddy you are wrong, it was not Nokia, rather it was Kodak Easyshare-V610. Naturally, its difficult for anybody to take their eyes off from that……………..


    April 1, 2008 at 09:22 hrs

  2. […] (Vivek Krishnan) has grown up since I saw him last, and he was busy trying to learn how to turn around and lie on his stomach, though he […]

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