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Kerala Pigrimage trip 2007

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It is after a while that I felt like posting something and upload some pix. We just returned back from a memorable pilgrimage trip to Kerala over the weekend.

Myself, Preethi, my parents and her parents (who were on a visit to Chennai) left for Palghat on Thu, 04-Sep-07 and came back to Chennai on Mon, 08-Sep-07. It was primarily a pilgrimage and so we got to visit lots of temples in Palghat, visited Kalpathy gramam (where I stayed during my Engineering days), Malampuzha Dam and my alma mater, NSS College of Engineering, Palghat.

We left Palghat on Sat morning to Kadampuzha Bhagavathi Temple, a fantastic temple in the Malappuram district, 3 km off Vettichira in the NH 17 connecting Thrissur and Kozhikode (and beyond probably).

After spending 4 hours at Kadampuzha, we left for Guruvayoor, and visited the famous Anathavalam in Guruvayoor on the way. We had great darshan on Sat evening and again had darshan on Sunday. We also visited the other temples like Mammiyoor, Parthasarathy, Balaji and Sai Baba.

Post lunch, we packed again and were on the way back to Palghat. Sun night we boarded the train to travel back to Chennai.

The worst part of the trip was the fact that almost all the roads in the parts of Kerala I visited were in pretty bad shape, something most people from Kerala are aware of. I heard that the last roads in Palghat were worked upon was about 8 years back, while I was there! Amazing, isn’t it? It happens only in Kerala.

Earlier, during August, we had taken a week off from work to spend some quality time at Preethi’s home in Bombay. That too was quite a memorable trip and as a bonus got to read quite a bit during this trip. I got to finish the Edition 1 and 2 of “XP Explained: Embrace Change” by Kent Beck. I also got to visit some of Preethi’s relatives and family friends and her Sify office near the Airport. We also met my good friend Biju during our stay. I also started watching some great action from the English Premiere League.

We spend the Independence Day at Pune with my cousin Reghu. He took us to the Tirupati Balaji temple that morning. It is another great temple in the middle of (almost) nowhere, about 2 hrs journey from Pune, lying between the Satara Highway on one side and the Bangalore Highway on the other. Climate was just pristine during this period, as the South West monsoon was just winding up its act.

I have uploaded some of the pix taken at various points of time in 2007. Click the links below to watch them:

Palghat trip, 2007

Bombay trip, 2007

Chennai photos, 2007

This time I have decided to try out Picasa Web Albums instead of Flickr (Reghu, hope you are happy now) for a change, and let us see whether I like this better enough to make the switch.

What I don’t like about Picasa is that it offers only 1 GB of free storage. There is no such storage limit in Flickr, though you can only upload 20 or 40 MB of pix per month and one gets to display only the 200 most recent photos on the Flickr page. Of course, all the old photos are still available for viewing provided you know which tag to use to view them.

I would love to post my musings on software and life and click and upload pix more regularly going forward. Let us see how far I succeed. I don’t have a camera with me and so that is a serious limitation on trips like these. I have lots of pix awaiting upload from 2006 and let us see whether I get around to upload them as well.

Thanks for reading so far. Take care and be well. And please start using RSS for your own sake if you haven’t started yet. You might get lost in its magic just as I have!

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October 11, 2007 at 00:22 hrs

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