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Did you know that Delphi is the #2 Windows IDE?

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Micheal Swindell, the CodeGear Product Manager, provided the following data in a reply to a post in borland.public.delphi.non-technical group:

“Delphi has a developer population of approx 1.75 million users worldwide in  2006. Delphi has 15% IDE marketshare overall (7.7% ranked out of 100%) and is the #2 Windows IDE and the #4 IDE overall (C++Builder is #3 and #5

…and you thought Delphi was not big/good!!

It is just that not many people are aware of it. No, you can’t use it to create an ERP application (perhaps), but it is pretty darn useful for 80% of the commercial software work carried out in most of the companies, and it actually helps you to create it faster.

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Written by Proto

August 30, 2007 at 22:22 hrs