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Why Delphi is the best

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I have been thinking about posting something that brings out why Delphi rocks and why it is the best IDE out there for quite some time now. At least, ever since Apple sort of invited/challenged me!

Well, this is pretty close to the best write up on why Delphi is the best. Oh, btw, it is about the new Delphi on Rails/Delphi for Ruby, which is in the making. It is interesting to note that it follows close on heels of Delphi for PHP.

Excerpt from the Delphi on Rails article, for you Java fans out there (italics added for emphasis):

“…Sun consulted with Borland while creating Java, and key Java technologies such as the JavaBeans specification (but not its clumsy cousin, EJB) were the result. The languages, IDE’s and platforms that shape present-day computing share a strong lineage to the innovations that formed Delphi…”

If you are still having problems understanding why Delphi is the best thing to have happened to professional programming community since sliced bread, I can’t help you :).

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Written by Proto

March 22, 2007 at 14:24 hrs

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