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We are back in Chennai

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After a small hiatus from the world of computers and blogging, I am back. It has been an eventful September, perhaps the best so far. We reached Chennai this morning, leaving our parents (two sets of parents, that is) in Trivandrum. They will join us in a couple of days time.

We are doing great and we had home made food today after a long time, with Preethi dishing out delicious chapathis, mixed veg bhajji, lemon rice et al. The food was palatable, and that is the best I can say about her today’s cooking. It is another thing that I finished everything ;).

Thanks to all of you who could make it to my marriage on Sun, 10 Sep 2006, and also to those of you who couldn’t quite make it due to various reasons, but did send in your greetings. Special thanks goes to (in alphabetical order) Arunachalam, Harish, Jiju, Mahesh, Raghu, Ramesh,
Sarath, Sunil and Vidya for having taken the pains to travel to Mumbai
and attend the marriage. Your presence meant quite a bit to both of us.

A special word of thanks goes to my cousins Reghu, Sundar and Anandan. Without them it would have been impossible to manage the event from the groom’s side :). Another round of thanks goes to my good friend Biju (my C-DAC mate) who helped me quite a bit with the logistics and accomodation in Mumbai. He was available round the clock (literally) to offer assistance and help sort out the various nagging issues we faced with the hotel accomodation at the 11th hour.

A big thanks also to Pradeep for not parafying my mega three week’s leave and also for the timely and highly useful gifts ;). A big thanks to Chandra for having been kind enough to allow me to keep his digicam for a month and more. We managed to take more than 1000 great pix during the honeymoon and temple trips, and I now have the tough ask of filtering the best among them to be shared! Of course, I also need to somehow send that digicam to Hyderabad, where Chandra has recently shifted.

The official marriage snaps are not available yet in electronic format, and I hope to get them soon (read sometime later this month). For the time being be satisfied with the ones Reghu and Biju took. There are no videos yet, though the official DVD has come out quite well. Let me see whether I can some how share it later this month. I will post frequently to update about the marriage, the honeymoon and the temple trip that we undertook with both the sets of parents and Reghu’s parents.

I am resuming duty tomorrow and let us see what is in store at work. Have a great week ahead and thanks for reading thus far.

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October 2, 2006 at 22:58 hrs

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