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The Month That Was – June ’06

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June is a month that I would like to forget for I was sick for most of this period. The running around for the engagement preparation and the countless hours at work and outside had taken its toll on my body, immediately after the engagement. In fact, looking back at the engagement snaps taken during the late evening, I can see that I was visibly tired!

But I would like to remember this month for the first week of June, when Preethi was around in Chennai, and we managed to go watch Fanaa (a waste of a movie except for a couple of good songs) at my weekly outing place (Satyam Theatres), and got to visit the Besant Nagar beach twice.

Apart from that all I remember is the countless tablets I gulped down and the countless glasses of the thing I hate most — Kurumulagu Rasam — that I drank to ward off the seemingly invincible cold and throat pain that just refused to go away! By the end of the month I had conquered the worst cold I had ever experienced, but my system had taken quite a knock, forcing me to loose some weight (at last)!

Of course, I also remember this month for the great German run at the Fifa World Cup! To me, they along with Argentina were the teams of the World Cup, though France sprang back to life late in the competition.

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Written by Proto

September 3, 2006 at 20:48 hrs

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