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The week that was [2006 Wk# 9]

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Yet another hectic week at work, followed by an equally hectic weekend. That was the theme of the the week that was. We are, as I had written earlier, gearing up for the whole design and development cycle of the next version, and since I am now part of the planning team, had a nice time charting out the phases and dates. Incidentally got a taste of Microsoft Project too as part of this process.

During the course of the week, I had a long tele-chat with my good friend Ram who stays in Hyderabad with his wife Uji, where both are working. They stretched the weekend and traveled to Vizag. Yet to get the pix, Rams! send it across.

The weekend saw me accompanying Amma to Cochin to visit her bereaved cousin brother. He lost his wife (my aunt) a couple of weeks ago, and only now we got time to pay them a visit. I lost a very nice aunt, who though was only my first-aunt (first as in first-cousin) was nice and caring, and always ensured that I was comfortable whenever I stayed with them. And yes, I had troubled them a few times during 1999-2000 when I was writing all those exams conducted by the various PSUs, applying for the post of Mechanical Engineer!

She was 68, and passed away due to Cardiac Arrest that developed as she was entering the Hospital to meet the Doctor for a routine checkup. She is survived by my uncle and their four children. They too have inherited the inherent goodness of my aunt in various shades.

Thus ended my week with train travel on both Sat and Sun nights. One more week gone, lot more memories added!

Have a great week ahead, and do post some comments — positive or negative — once in a while :). That will give me an idea about how I am doing. May be, I can do it better, who knows?! ;)


Written by Proto

March 7, 2006 at 23:37 hrs

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