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The week that was [2006 Wk# 8]

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This was a pretty busy week at work, though mercifully it was not very tight. We are about to venture into the next version of our product, and so the days and weeks ahead will be “a bit busy”, I guess.

That is one of the reasons I am toiling hard today to finish off the backlog.

Yesterday (Saturday) I spend some time (for the nth time) travelling around Chennai in search of a home. I have learned enough to post a separate entry on real estate in urban these days.

I also managed to disturb Arun’s parents, who are here these days, and took his father to one of the sites. As always, he managed to provide me with fantastic insights about the situation I find myself in, and what all I can do with what I have, without compromising too much. Incidentally one of the amusing things he told me was about the real-estate price in Trivandrum. Chennai is cheaper, I guess, when you compare what you get in return for the money invested.

Today I decided to stay back at home and do nothing. Well, err, nothing except browsing ;).

Thanks for reading this post. Have a great week ahead, and don’t forget to visit my blog often :).


Written by Proto

February 26, 2006 at 22:12 hrs

Posted in Random Ramblings

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