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Bangalore Trip# 2, 2006

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I promptly reached Bangalore on Saturday morning, and managed to find my way to the Gudaam (read Subru’s wonderful place which happens to be in a Gudaam :).

I spend the day visiting Meghdooth motors more than once, catching up with Arunachalam and of course, the good old house-owner Mami in the wonderful Cambridge Layout. I also visited SaiBaba temple there.

For lunch, I took Subru to the Hotel Ajantha, and surprise, surprise, after finishing his lunch, Subru remarked that this was the best meal he had in Bangalore. I pity him, really, as the food at Ajantha is not that great. It goes to show how much Subru is suffering in Bangalore. Come over to Chennai soon, maan. Ringie will manage without you ;).

I also thanked my stars for keeping Kadambam running while I was in Bangalore as a bachelor. It was the best food I had in Bangalore, barring the North Indian food at the Adda. However, I can’t afford or eat the food at Adda everyday. And so Kadambam was/is a very important thing for me. It is a pity that during the end of my third year there, they had to close down the branch in Manipal Centre.

The evening saw us meeting Reghu, Lakshmi (his sister-in-law) and her Dad (his father-in-law) for watching Rang De Basanti. It was a fantastic movie, though certain people might beg to diasgree. Thanks for the link, Subru. I really didn’t knew whether to laugh or to cry after reading that version.

The next day I spend pursuing my personal job, and was mostly with Reghu :).

That evening I finished the dinner at Subru’s favourite restaurant, The Mallige, and rushed to catch the Bangalore-Chennai Express at the Cantonment Station.

On my way back, I was happy that I managed to get the required Certificates from Meghdooth, which would directly relate to a saving of about 4000 bucks. I can put that money to good use either at Easwar or Gangarams!

The other thought was about not meeting Harish or Beeba, though both of them were in Bangalore for at least one of the two days.  But then, life is like that.


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February 26, 2006 at 21:55 hrs

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