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The week that was

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As the Xmas day draws to a close, I thought it was time to deliver on what I promised about posting regularly about the life and times of Proto :). So here is a quick wrap-up of the week that was:

At work, for most of them it was a relatively quite week, though a few of us are having our hands full with some analysis work for the versions ahead. Nothing special to write home about except that we are in the process of infusing fresh (not “fresher”) blood into our team, and so the next version is going to be a bit challenging.

At home, parents are doing fine. We are planning to go to Courtallam sometime in January to visit the family God, Annavi Pillayar in the Courtallam Temple. Dates haven’t been finalized yet, though it will mostly be during either Pongal weekend or the R-Day weekend. It has been one of the traditions in our family ever since I was born (to be at Courtallam during my birthday), something we adhered to steadfastly till we moved out of Trivandrum.

I have sort of kick-started the house-hunt in full earnest, and will keep you posted about how I am doing. I have a feeling that it will be a rather demanding process thanks to the self-imposed restrictions including water availability, decent locality, and proximity to Mount Road.

I have been seeing movies galore ever since I landed in Chennai, and continuing the tradition watched a couple of them over the weekend: Flightplan and Kanda Naal Mudhal. Flightplan was an excellent story with a twist, as rightly reported in the Hindu Friday Review. KNM didn’t quite live up to the “great expectations” that I had built up based on various reviews (Hindu, Madhan on Vijay TV). But of course, KNM was a good, decent movie; it is just that it doesn’t make it to the great movie club. I highly recommend the title song ‘Kanda naal mudhalaay’ which is a fast paced adaptation of the classical version. Nice fusion work by Yuvan, though I think we owe it to ARR for being the trend-setter here.

This one for those who love collectors’ editions (I am one): all the major magazines are out with their year-end/anniversary specials, and I highly recommend the Anniversary special of India Today. It, as you might have already seen in the ads run on TV or elsewhere, takes you through the path-breaking, history-shaping events of the last 30 years (or the first 30 years of India Today), as covered by India Today down the ages.

Tomorrow being the Boxing Day, we can look forward to another classic tussle between the Aussies and the Proteas. May the better team win! [Disclaimer: The just mentioned rule is not applicable when India plays; then the rule is slightly modified to: May only India win!; Disclaimer2: I am not a true fan of cricket, I accept ;-)]

Thanks for reading thus far. Have a great week ahead.


Written by Proto

December 25, 2005 at 23:23 hrs

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