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Windows goes Live! or does it really?

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If the mainstream media and Microsoft is to be believed, the world just witnessed a watershed event that is going to change the way we deal with and think about software for ever. Yes, I am talking about the much touted announcement by Microsoft that Windows and Office are going Live!

This was announced to the world on 01st November, 2005, by none other than Bill Gates, and he revealed that every five years Microsoft bets on something really big, and this time it is Live. Since then we have been hearing from both the pro-Live and the anti-Live camps.

However, there are only a handful of resources out there that provide a nicely balanced critique of this event, and I encourage you to read them to get a no-nonsense, non-hyped-up, balanced and essential grasp of Windows Live. The first is a thought-provoking wrap-up by Jason Lefkowitz who ponders whether it is the case of old wine in new bottle, and he provides links to both the pro-Live and the anti-Live camp. The second is a warning from Joel Spolsky as to why a massive PR onslaught upfront while the cake is being conceived can misfire big time.

Elsewhere, Robert Scoble is blogging quite a bit about Microsoft’s new strategy, including a response to Joel.

You can check it out for yourself at the (beta) website, and whatever little I played around there has convinced me that this might just succeed, if Microsoft manages to throw the Live Messenger and the Live Mail into the mix. I mean not too many people using the net have either the patience nor the wherewithal to really dig up the superior alternatives to Live (if there are any), unless Yahoo or Google manage to do something spectacular by the time Live goes really live!

As an aside, this was the first time I was experiencing Ajax live! and can’t help saying that I was a bit impressed by the usability of this technology.

Update: Apple points out that what impressed me yesterday was not Ajax, but it was a combination of good old JavaScript with DHTML/CSS. Thanks for pointing out the mistake, mate!


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November 3, 2005 at 04:16 hrs

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  1. You expereince AJAX daily in GMAIL…..
    AJAX is really old wine in new Bottle. Google started using JavaScript/DHTML in their mail and other products and soon it became a fire.
    Google now has a midas touch, whatever its venturing in is becoming a sensation(NASDAQ shares of Google for instance).
    Isn’t Javascript been here for too long a time! But somehow people realized that JavaScript are not a good technology to use because of Security Vulnerabilities, Browser Interoperability and slowly we were moving away from JS.
    Now Google has come with cool things using JS and we all are raving again for JS. AJAX is nothing new but old JS validations which we used to do. But only thing is it has added and X into it, yes that is the XML.
    JS has advantage that it prevents Server Roundtrips and increase user experience by PPR(partial page refreshing). Rest assured, the technology is pretty old, using JS and manipulating HTML DOM tree is nothing new!
    IT industry is driven by hype and hoopla and what I feel is this just another hype, even though they have done some work in addin that X-factor!!
    So lets say that you were impressed by coolness of JS rather than AJAX ;) .


    November 3, 2005 at 11:06 hrs

  2. Yeah, I do use GMail daily. But the thing is that still doesn’t allow me to do drag and drop and re-arrange the page. This allows me to build my homepage the way I want it, and in double quick time. That was what floored me, more than anything else. I am aware that the new Yahoo! Mail beta already allows you to do drag and drop and that GMail might announce the same anytime. But still, this was my first real experience :).


    November 3, 2005 at 12:42 hrs

  3. Btw drag and drop is not speciality of AJAX buddy.
    Its pure DHTML/CSS magic. Even here in our prototype we have done Drag Drop in normal HTML page. We haven’t used AJAX.
    DHTML/CSS is very powerful in combo with JS.
    Ultimately people will appreciate things only when they are coined a new term and shredded with jargons.
    Like what you have posted Windows XP and Office Live!!
    If you peel of the hype the underlying core is the just the same thing.
    But yes! hype do matters and most companies and ppl survive on this hype!!


    November 3, 2005 at 20:37 hrs

  4. […] Update: Apple points out that what impressed me yesterday was not Ajax, but it was a combination of good old JavaScript with DHTML/CSS. Thanks for pointing out the mistake, mate! […]

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