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Indian Cricket on its way up!

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India wrapped-up the series against Sri Lanka with a hard-fought victory at Pune. What is heartening — and different from the recent past — to notice was the way the juniors chipped-in at every stage of this series to ensure that the pressure on the Lankans was never getting released, thereby helping India to completely out-class the opponents. In this process Indians also proved that they do have the wherewithals to forge a win even when things are looking really bleak, as it was when the score read 180+/6 earlier in the day.

Kudos to GC, RD for bringing about this wonderful change in the attitude and the outlook of the team. Kudos also to the Five-Wise-Men for allowing the change to happen. What this performance has ensured is that the so-called established guys like MK and YS will have to fight for a place in the side in the future, and that in itself is a good sign for Indian cricket.

There are 3 more matches to go in this series. Indians must ensure that they don’t allow the psychological edge that they enjoy at this moment — that was build up by considerable hard work in the first place — to ebb away, and so they must thoroughly dismantle the Lankans in the remaining 3 matches. That will will augur well for the Test matches against the Lankans, not to mention the ODI series against South Africa to be played before that Test match series. By what we have seen about the think-tank, they too are probably thinking and planning along these lines. Indians might rest SRT for the next one or two matches, as has been hinted enough, probably against his wish. That will allow Sehwag to be more responsible as well as allow the team to have a look at Gambhir as an opener.

Where does that leave the heroes of the not-too-distant-past like SG, VVS, AK, AN and ZK? I believe SG might stage a come back, thanks to his impressive track record — both as a player in ODIs and as a captain — as well as the backing he might receive from the Dalmiya camp. For VVS it could well be the end of the road in ODIs unless he improves his fielding skills dramatically. AK’s place is not under too much threat since MK couldn’t make the most of the limited opportunity he got. AN and ZK are talented bowlers with a slightly lazy attitude (if media reports are to be believed), and perhaps this Indian performance would inspire them to sit up and take notice, and come back all guns blazing.

The future does look bright for Indian cricket!


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November 3, 2005 at 22:39 hrs

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  1. Great to see Dravid-Chappel combining well. And yes ..future looks bright for Indian cricket …as has been happening every 2-3 years!!!!

    Boycott had actually given a fitting reply to the so-called “Resuregence” of indian cricket. On further though we would realise how true it is – what is it that you call resurgence ? When have India been a weak side at home ….and he signs off by saying ..Wait for the Indians to tour SouthAfrica – coming up in 2006 December and then we can talk of a resurgence in Indian cricket.


    November 5, 2005 at 19:33 hrs

  2. Nice to see your negative comment (what is new?) about the state of Indian cricket. What you guys (you, GB and other like minded people) forget is that we haven’t won an ODI series at home over the last 2 or 3 seasons, and so getting back to the winning ways (even at home) is an achievement. And when you do it in such a grand style, it deserves the accolades and applauds the team is receiving. I can turn your argument on its head and say the same thing about any team in the world…wait till Team X/Y/Z tours India [remember only the SA have managed to really beat us at home in the last 20 years or so; Aussies wouldn’t have won in 2005 but for a) the rain in Chennai on the final day, and b) the greener-than-WACA pitch prepared by the curater at Nagpur]. Of course, Indians might loose out to SA in Dec 2006, but that is not going to influence the outcome of the WC 2007 for sure. Why? Indians so majestically reached the finals of WC 2003 after a disastrous tour of NZ. Just december…oops! remember that!


    November 6, 2005 at 00:01 hrs

  3. A couple of things – accolades for the Indian team – yes…Dravid & co deserve that. Frankly, with the team being in news for all the wrong reasons, not many would have expected such a clinical performance.

    But, down the line – the future doesnt look as promising as it did some years back. Unfortunately, the current generation Indian team has had 4 people who would rank among the all time top 20 of Indian cricket and not in the distant future are they going to bid goodbye to the game. Once that happens Indian cricket is to be carried forward by who => well, Sehwag, Harbhajan and perhaps a Kaif – i dont see any one else as of now. Yuvraj’s technique is comparable to …well u know who…and with Dhoni, batting the way he does, one good bowler in a long series could well end his career. Rao and Raina look okay – although its early days for me to comment on them.

    And when are you going to stop offering excuses -lame ones at that –
    1) Only SA have managed to beat us at home – a little insight into the history would let u realise that even the mighty Windies of the early 80’s failed to beat Kiwis in NewZealand – does that mean Kiwis were amongst the strongest of sides ??
    2) “greener-than-WACA pitch prepared by the curater at Nagpur..” – put up a board saying Indian team wont play on pitches that have a tinge of grass
    3) “We havent won a series in 3 seasons ..”-> the stength of the opposition matters and what also matters is where we play…in 2003 it was a tri-series with Aussies in it and in 2004 it was against the Aussies….

    The point is – Lankans were No.2 – and bulk of their matches last year were at home. They have a tour down under coming up this year – wait and watch…Incidentally, Indians have more matches within sub-continent this season – and scaling up the rankings is only to be expected.


    November 6, 2005 at 09:22 hrs

  4. The current team (with or without one Saurav Ganguly) is good enough to play till the WC 2007, unless fate intervenes in the form of another debilitating injury to Sachin, or for that matter to some one else. By that time (a good 15 months or so away) some of the juniors in the team would have proven their mettle, or would have been replaced by better men. All ordinary players begin slowly and grow into great performers over a period of two or three seasons (Dravid, Waugh, Vaughan) or even more. The exception to this rule could well be a Sachin, Lara, Gavaskar or a Richards, who belong a different league all together. So, the point is: give the youngsters time to grow.

    “does that mean Kiwis were amongst the strongest of sides ??” No, it doesn’t. By the same logic, loosing to SA in SA wouldn’t exactly mean that India is a bad team either.

    “put up a board saying Indian team wont play on pitches that have a tinge of grass” Well, it is an open secret that all teams prepare pitches that suits the home team. When you play the best team in the world, the least you can do is to prepare pitches that doesn’t suit the visiting team.

    “the stength of the opposition matters” Yes, it does. What you have done here is to pick just two series from 3 full home seasons to strengthen your view point. You have conveniently forgotten the sad fact that Indians managed to dish out a draw to the visiting Englishmen, and then again managed to loose the series to the Pakistanis, after being 2-0 up.


    November 6, 2005 at 11:57 hrs

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