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Weekend story

This past weekend we had a visitor from Trivandrum, who was here to give an interview as part of the MBA admission to the Distance Education Centre of the Annamalai University. Her name is Lakshmi and she is the daughter of a family friend, Gomathy Mami, who is also my mother’s colleague.

Since she was interested in movies and also since the weather in Chennai had fallen back to its bad old ways — it was hot and humid — we decided to stay at home during the daytime and watch movies. I took a few VCDs from the local Rental shop: CID Moosa (Moosa) Bunty Aur Babli (BB) and Dil Chahta Hai (DCH).

I guess I have fallen back to the Chennai induced habit of over-watching the movies. I watched Moosa partly and BB completely over the weekend. But before the weekend could sign off, I had lapped up The Legend of Zorro (LoZ) at the Satyam complex, after dropping Lakshmi off at the Central Station, and reaching Satyam about half an hour late for the show. LoZ is definitely worth a watch, though I thought I liked The Mask of Zorro (MoZ) better. But then again, it could be because I couldn’t watch LoZ from the beginning.

Diwali Day

Mahesh joined us today to celebrate Diwali (read that as to thinnu mudippify :), and we had a nice time watching Francis Ford Coppola’s The GodFather (GF, the original English version and not the Malayalam movie with the same name) and then part of BB. Mahesh didn’t fully enjoy BB, though he seemed to really relish that part where B&B try to sell the Taj Mahal to the world’s seventh richest man. Of course, he liked GF very much. It just so happens that GF is the number one movie of all time. And yes, I have seen some of the scenes from GF already in some of the famous Indian movies ;-).

Before the Eid weekend is over, I have plans to watch Ghajini, GF-2 and probably DCH too.

So where am I heading? I guess down the path of absolute cinema addiction ;-).


Written by Proto

November 2, 2005 at 04:03 hrs

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